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Young spiders slip out on a clearing amidst the Paschbergs forests.

Paschberg viewed from the Nordkette, looking south

The forest´s phantom

Paschberg from Mutters, viewing north-east

A typical footpath along the Paschberg

Animals on the Paschberg

Amras and olympic Village - as seen from the Paschberg

Schönruh Stop on the Igler-Railway.

Amras and motorway, viewed from the castles park

Amrbras Castle, seen from Lanser Kopf

Walterhofplateau above Schönruh railway stop

Old quarry near Paschberg-motorwaybridge

Lake Lans and Igler railway, seen from the Lanser Kopf

In the forests solitude

High voltage line support near Vill

Turn of the Igler-railway above Tantegert

Viewing from Paschberg to Bergisel ski jump tower

Strange topography amidst the forest

The Igler railway under der Paschberg-motorwaybridge

Tantegert stop in the Paschberg forests

Fast ride (30km/h) through tell-tale-forest

Spring in Mühltal (Mills valley)

Igler-railway on a winter journey

Railway-tunnel near Waltherhof

Ascending through the forest

A cascade in the castles park


Evening on the Grillhof

At the moors of Vill

Modern house in Igls

Vill, on the southwestern edge of the Paschberg

Grown structures in Amras - on the northern edge of the Paschberg

Teh Igler-railway emerges on the plateau.

On the line - at Paschbergs northern hills